5 Simple YouTube SEO Tips for Beginners

5 Simple YouTube SEO Tips for Beginners

So YouTube can be freaking confusing, especially when you’re just getting started. You’re hearing like, tag your videos, and do this other thing with your videos. And you want to make sure your videos are ranking well, and all of this stuff, but you’re just wanting someone to give you the things you need to do to make your videos rank well on YouTube, right? Well, that’s what I’m going to talk about today. I’m giving you 5 Simple YouTube SEO Tips for Beginners.

So for me, I’m going to give you a couple of non-traditional tips and a couple of things that are going to skyrocket your SEO results beyond tags and titles.

1. Embed hour YouTube videos in your website

Now, this is going to do multiple things. But basically, when you embed a YouTube video in to your website, it is telling Google that they should show preference this content because not only are you ranking on YouTube or using those keywords on YouTube, but you’re also using them on your website. And you’re giving this like cyclical effect of same keywords here same keywords here. Google loves Google and Google loves YouTube. And you’re giving YouTube exactly what it wants and giving Google exactly what it wants. So get your videos embedded on your website.

2. Use the same keywords on everything

Now number two goes hand in hand with that, you need to be using the same keyword on your website and on the blog post as you are on YouTube. And if you’ll implement something like Yoast SEO, which is a WordPress plugin on your site, you can really make sure that you are giving Google all the SEO and they’ll love you forever.

3. Do title research

Now another thing you want to do is to search for titles in the search bar of YouTube before you title your video. This one sounds really easy and Elementary. But basically go to the search bar and YouTube and go ahead and type in what you think you want to title this video. But once you have something that is like a working title, and you’re trying to see if it works or not go to the YouTube search bar and search for it. Now what you want to do is search exactly like you would title your video and see what videos come up and see if it’s actually something people want to watch. If not rethink about your terms and your title terms like revamp that title a little bit. But go to the YouTube search bar and search it out and see what other people are doing for those same key terms. So you can even see if it’s an idea that works. Now pro tip, if you will go to the search bar on YouTube, and you will type in your key terms, what will come up as the first 10 results are things that people are searching for. So you know that those top 10 results are decent, and they’re probably things you could use and be successful with. But they all start with your key terms. So let’s say your key terms were YouTube, SEO, and you type in YouTube SEO in the search bar, everything that comes up in that top 10 thing will start with YouTube SEO. So it might be like YouTube, SEO for beginners, YouTube, SEO ranking all of these things. But it starts with YouTube SEO to go a level deeper.

Once you’ve typed in your keywords, you have to type them in and search for them first, go back up to the search bar, put your cursor before the keywords and type an underscore and a space. Now what this will do is it will pull up those same top 10 results. But this time, your keywords could be found anywhere in that title. So if your keywords are YouTube SEO. You might see that what you found before was, you know YouTube, SEO for this YouTube, SEO this, whatever. But now you’re finding things like how to hack YouTube SEO, or how I rank using YouTube, SEO, things like that. So now you’re kind of throwing a loop in this hole, the keywords have to be at the front of the title thing, and you’re seeing what comes up, which is really, really useful.

4. If it isn’t Broke don’t fix it

 The fourth thing I want to talk about with YouTube, SEO is doing more videos like the ones that perform really well for you guys, if you have a video that’s performing really well in your audience, and you’re getting subscribers from it, and you’re getting a lot of watch time, those are the things your audience wants to see. So take a step back, look at your content calendar and see how you can do more things like that in the future. Now what’s really useful is, let’s say you see an old video that you did maybe six months ago, and it didn’t really perform well when you released it. But now for whatever reason it’s showing up in a lot of people suggested videos, maybe a larger creator than you put video similar and YouTube is suggesting yours, whatever, but you might be getting a lot of traffic from this old video. So if you start seeing that you might think okay, so I need to actually I’m getting a lot of traffic coming in from people who want to see about that, I need to put out another video about that. Now, while it’s kind of blowing up in my channel, so be attentive to what people are watching and what people like on your channel and do more of it.

5. Put out good content

The fifth thing that might seem really freaking like obvious and whatever is to put out good content that people want to watch. It doesn’t matter how well you rank in search engines, if your content kind of sucks when people do find it. So make sure you’re doing everything else that Kelly and I are going to talk about in this two part video series. But also make sure that your content is really good. It doesn’t matter if you rank number one, if somebody gets 10 seconds into your video, and doesn’t like what you’re saying. So put out good content and make sure it’s rich, valuable content.

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