7 Work at Home Jobs that Pay $100 a Day

7 Work at Home Jobs that Pay $100 a Day

 Now I am going to be talking about seven jobs that you can do at home that pay at least $100 per day. I’m really excited to be sharing this list with you today, guys, because I know that you always love when I share ideas for how you can make money at home. I just wanted to break it down really simply share seven jobs that pay at least $100 per day, because I know that that is kind of a minimum that that a lot of people would want to earn to make working at home a truly viable option for supporting themselves full time. Now the only things that these jobs really have in common are you can do them from home.

They will pay you at least $100 per day. Aside from that this is a really a collective list that includes a lot of different options that would appeal to really different types of people. So if the first couple of jobs don’t appeal to you just keep on reading, because I’m sure that you will find one that will be a great fit for you.

And I will be sure to share all the details of that with you. All right, so let’s jump on in and talk about the seven jobs that you can do from home that will pay you at least $100 per day.

1. Virtual Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is just someone who helps a business or an individual keep their finances organized. Basically, there are many different ways that you can learn how to become a bookkeeper, you can actually get a two or four year degree that will teach you everything you need to know. Or there are lots of shorter term training programs that teach you how to be a bookkeeper in as little as three or six months. And there’s also the option to actually just learn on the job. Bookkeepers typically earn about $20 per hour. And it’s something that you can do from home either for local clients, or you can do from home working with remote clients and communicating with them online. And just so you’re aware, there are different types of financial professions such as an accountant or bookkeeper or financial advisor, and many of them do require some type of certification or other prerequisite but there actually aren’t any such restrictions on being a bookkeeper. Anyone can be a bookkeeper as long as they know what they’re doing. For more details glassdoor.com

2. Youtuber

I think it pays a lot more than a lot of people realize, and that’s to be a YouTuber. Now clearly, a YouTube channel and it’s one of the highest sources of income of many Youtubers. YouTube channel right now about 100,000 subscribers is paying you more than $3,000 per month. And I think that 100,000 subscribers is a number that really anyone can attain if they put in the work, and they learn what it takes to become successful on YouTube. If you put quality video twice a week within six months, you will get more than 20,000 subscribers or even more. The reason that I mentioned that Youtuber makes $3,000 a month is because that is equivalent to $100 a day. However, just for reference, I’ll share that my friend’s channel only had about 20,000 subscribers, he was making about 1500 or more dollars every single month, which is a quite decent wage for someone who has a very small YouTube channel.

3. Transcriber

Transcriber is someone who listens to audio this could be audio from a speaker at a conference or simply someone reciting something that they want to be transcribed. There are definitely a lot of different applications of this. And there’s also a whole lot of websites that help to facilitate people who are work as transcribers finding work of transcribers with people who want to hire a transcriber. Now, typically, a transcriber earns an average of about $30 per hour, it depends on which website you go with some pay as little as $9 per hour, and some pay as much as about $50 per hour. But I’ll leave links to several of those websites down in the description below. For more details 3playmedia

4. Chat Customer Service

Now a lot of people don’t like answering the phone. And even though they’re aware that there are a lot of jobs they could do from home, answering the phone for different companies, they don’t really want to go that route. But a great alternative is to be a chat customer service representative. The main difference is you don’t actually have to talk to the people on the phone, instead, you’re just chatting with them over the internet. You’ve probably used this service many times if you’ve tried to contact a company such as most any clothing or technology company on the internet. These days, many companies hire people to work from home and provide these services to them customers, and they typically pay around $15 per hour. And again, I’ll leave a link to a few resources that you can check out to learn more about these chat customer service job opportunities. Learn More: Apple.com and thechatshop.com

5. Home Stylist 

Home Stylist is something very specific, but I think it might appeal to a lot of people. It’s to be a home stylist for Stitch Fix or for some similar service. Now what these services do is they offer custom selected pieces of clothing to customers. And the home stylists take a look at the customers profile, decide what pieces the person who might be interested in buying and wearing and then Stitch Fix actually sends them out to the customer. Now the reason I mentioning Stitch Fix in particular is because they’ve actually publicly shared information about the fact that they hire people like this, and the fact that they pay them about $15 an hour to do this work from home. Of course, I’ll leave the link down below where you can find out more information about Stitch Fix as well. More details Stitch fix

6. Online Course Creator

An online course creator now all the jobs on my list, this one probably has the most wildly varying income, most of these other jobs, I can say, you know, you’ll get paid about $15 an hour or about $30 an hour. But as an online course creator, there is so much opportunity for growth, and you can make an enormous amount of money. I mean, we’re talking like 10s of thousands of dollars every month, if you’re really good at it. But if you aren’t good at it, then you might make no money. However, that being said, if you use a proven strategy for building your brand and getting yourself out there and you make decently good courses, then you can easily expect to earn about five to $10,000 per month. Learn more go to Udemy.com

7. Virtual Assistant

All right, the final job on my list is that a virtual assistant now what a virtual assistant does is they help someone do basic tasks such as answering email, or proofreading, or maybe working on managing a small project. And they do so remotely. Of course, there are lots of executives and other types of professionals that have assistants who work in their office. But these days with a lot of people working from home, there is a big job opportunity for people to do virtual assisting. Now a common objection that I’ve gotten when I’ve shared with people, the opportunity of being a virtual assistant is that there is a lot of competition and lots of people basically are trying to be virtual assistants, even if they’re not very qualified. And that can really drive down the possibility for making money in this way.

However, based on the experience of many of my clients, I would say it all depends on how you’re marketing yourself, and where if you’re just listing yourself on a site like Freelancer.com or upwark.com then you probably can’t expect to make more than about $7 or $12 per hour, which probably would not be enough for most people. However, there are other sites that help to connect more skilled virtual assistants with people who are looking for virtual assistants who they can really count on. If you’ve signed up with one of these services, and they help to place you with a good client, then you can earn a whole lot more, at least $15 per hour, if not 20, or 25 or $30 per hour.

And of course, there’s always the other option of building up your own network and finding clients that way. And typically, virtual assistants who go about their marketing in that way earn between 20 and $30 per hour. More details redbutler and worldwide101

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