Apple and Google Don't require a College Degree in Future

Apple and Google Don’t require a College Degree in Future

Apple and Google Don’t require a College Degree in Future

Google Apple IBM they don’t require a college degree. I know what you’re thinking now. So in your brain, you have this thought life of a long time. You’re thinking. Hey, I don’t need a college degree to get a job and that’s right even Google Apple and many more companies believe that a candidate or an employer don’t need a college degree to prove in self. What we need now is skills, right? So as a company what they have is they have certain requirements. They have certain ideas and they want you to implement them. Now. It doesn’t matter if you have a degree or not what they need is skill set what they need is experience, right? So if you are a candidate and if you have a lot of skills, you are working hard on different projects, you know the technology in and out, but the only thing is you don’t have a degree that will not be a barrier to get a job now because earlier that was the case, you know, such a lot of people they are drop out and they have a lot of skill sets now since they don’t have the degree they were not getting jobs, but that’s not the case now. So even if you don’t have a degree, you will get a job in this companies provided you have a particular skill set which is matching with them. So there was a post on CNBC about this stuff. So Google Apple IBM and doing more companies they don’t need a college degree. Okay, you will find the entire list. If you go there in fact, the original list is published by glass door. So glass door is basically a job search engine where you can search for the jobs, right?

In fact, Google is planning to change the way we hire because nowadays it’s more about skill set because the world is changing right? We are moving from a labor job to enterpreneurship, right? So it’s all about solving people problem. So this works for U.S. Right? We have a huge number of companies there who are implementing this what about country like India now when I started this channel the main motor was when I was observing students around me, you know, so I was going for guest lectures. I was talking to different students and then I realize, you know, they all are doing graduation, but still they were not up to the mark because what they expect from an IT professional they should know other stuff like they should know about Hardware about software how to build an application. How can you connect different applications how to work with API is how to work on cloud. So this thing is missing from students because we are focusing more on exam. We are focusing more on marks. We are not focusing on application. We are not focusing on problem solving skills. We are focusing on books see that there’s nothing wrong with books. But then just because your questions in exam will be coming from books. You are busy with books. That’s not something beneath in the industry, right? There are two different stuff. So what you learn in college and what you do it industry and that’s the reason we started this channel.

So my motive was to give you something extra which will help you to get the job which will help you to excel if you are doing a job somewhere. So last year that was a bit of a video about the MCAT report, which is 95% of Engineers don’t deserve the job. We got a new article now, so there was a discussion session with Narayan Murthy in that discussion. He said that 80% of students don’t have a skill set to do any job and that’s true. Right because see the industry’s changing but that’s not the case with education system. There’s so many loopholes now in the education system that people are only focusing on marks. They are focusing only on attendance. We have this weird concept of having 75 percent attendance compulsory. It doesn’t make any sense. Right see college is about giving knowledge. So if you are giving knowledge students will come to learn but if you are not giving knowledge, if you’re just giving those stuff which is there which we already know it’s of no use so if someone wants to do something different while in college, they want to work on some application. They want to do some internship call. It should support on those things college should encourage people to do internship, college should encourage people to do certification and college should focus more on online competitions or competitive programming.

In fact nowadays this company like Google Apple Facebook. They are hiring people from competitive programming web sites. So if you are good with that, you might get hired by this big companies so it’s time for you to focus more on your skill set then on your college exams. See by no means I’m saying is not required. Okay college degree is still important. Okay. So all these companies they will still prefer people who have skill set and college degree. But if there’s a case that if you have a good amount of skill set with good amount of experience. You don’t need a college degree. Now, I know what you’re thinking if you don’t have a job, how can you get the experience? The experience is not about only working for a company. Maybe you have done your own projects. Maybe you have explored on this technology example, let’s talk about AI when you were in the college or you are doing freelancing you have been working on a iPhone last two years. You have built so many applications. You have created so many algorithms that’s good for the company. They don’t need a degree. They don’t need a professional experience. Even if you can show them your power you will get hired. So point to take away is start improving your skill set every day. Okay, so there are a lot of opportunities coming on the way because the world is changing. If you don’t learn now you might get replaced so thank for reading.

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