How to be happy

How to be happy

How to be happy

So I wanted to talk to you about eleven simple things that you can do to live a happier life because really that’s what we all want right we all want to figure out ways to be happier and to enjoy our lives more some of these things that I’m going to share with you our daily habits others our mindset shifts but all of them are relatively simple ideas that are a little harder to put into practice don’t try to do all these things at once but just choose one thing to focus on first and once you have mastered that or at least worked on it to some extent than you can go on and add in one of these other things and over time become happier and happier.


  1. Look for the positive

The first thing you can do to live a happier life might sound cheesy but it’s so true and that is just to look for the  positive in every in every situation ultimately, in the end, everything works out and everything is either a nice Pleasant experience or else it’s a learning experience and everything that we encounter in our lives everything that happens to us is a part of the story of our lives and it’s part of what shapes us and we can choose how we respond to it based on how we view it if we view it as a positive thing and we look for the positive in it then we can get something out of it and we can learn from it but if we just view things as negative or if we just notice the negative aspects of things then we won’t learn from them and instead we’ll just feel bitter and unhappy so look for the positive in everything.


  1. Live your values

The second thing you can do to live happier is to consider what your values in life are and figure out how you can actually live them out a lot of us go through the daily motions of our life and we just follow whatever core society is put in front of us and we do things without even thinking about why we are doing them and how we spend our time doesn’t really reflect the things in life they are truly important to us to take some time to figure out actually what you care about life do you care about freedom do you care about spending time with your family do you care about living in a luxurious environment do you care about having adventures and then figure out how you can add more of those things into your and how you can make your life more in line with what your values are. there’s a channel on YouTube that I love watching and I think that if you enjoy my videos you will probably enjoy it too it’s called Michelle v and it’s by a girl named Michelle and I just wanted to mention that because she made a video about six months ago called how to live out your values and improve your life and I think that if you want to implement this tip of living out your values you will find that video really helpful.


  1. Re-focus on your priorities daily

Tip number three goes hand in hand with that last tip and that is to take some time every single day to focus on your priorities and plan out how you are going to live those priorities and those values in that particular day it can be so easy to wake up and just get caught up in responding to things and being reactive so you wake up and you have a million emails and texts that come in and notifications on your phone and you can just start responding immediately but instead if you take some time first to journal or meditate and really think about what your top priority is what your goals are what you want to be working on then you can spend your time a lot more intentionally and do things that matter to you more.


  1. Socialize with uplifting people

The tip number four is to socialize with uplifting people on a regular basis nothing lifts my mood more than spending time with good friends who are encouraging and really uplifting and if I’m gonna be completely honest it actually matters more to me who I’m spending the time with and like the quality of the person who spending the time with the fact that they are encouraging and uplifting and a positive person that matters more to me than how close of friends I am with them I know we alllike to spend time with our close friends you know with our besties but I know that in the past I have had close friends who weren’t the sort of people who really encouraged me and motivated me to be more positive and I had spent time with them and it was kind of fun but it didn’t really make me feel happy or feel good but on the other hand I have spent lots of time with strangers you know I was we have been traveling or even just back at home who were great amazing positive people and even though I wasn’t close friends with them just spending thatpositive time with them really helped me to feel happier and feel more positive and more motivated about life.


  1. Make of list of things you love to do

Tip number five is to make a list of things that you love doing and then make time for those things on a regular basis I know that when we are busy and we are working then we tend to daydream about things that we wish we could do you know we wish could travel more or we wish we had time to go on a hike or maybe we wish had time to watch our favorite movie or read a favorite book or



  1. Be Thankful – Both Internally and externally

The sixth thing that you can do to live a happier life is to be intentionally thankful so often we say thanks to people without really meaning it or without really feeling it but instead if you take some time to really put some thought and some emotion behind the giving of thanks whether you are giving thanks internally and maybe you’re taking some time every morning or every to think about think about things or to journal about things that you are thankful for or taking the time to hand write a note to someone who has done something either small or really big for you and just tell them thank you and tell them how much you appreciate the impact they have had on your life or that little tiny thing that they’ve done for you doing that can really help you to focus on the positive things and it makes you feel good also to tell people to thank you.


  1. Take Care of Your Health

The tip number seven is to take care of your health and the reason for this is really simple it’s hard to feel happy when you feel bad physically so I know it is not always the most fun thing to eat a healthy diet or to exercise sometimes those things don’t feel good but after you do them you feel really good about taking care of yourself and your body will feel healthier and happier which makes it easier for you to feel mentally healthier and happier.


  1. Pursue Meaningful Goals

You can live a happier life is to make meaningful goals and then work towards them if you have been watching my channel for any amount of time then you know I love goal, I love setting goals I love working towards them but whether you are a very goal-oriented person or not it is been often observed throughout history that the pursuit of something working towards something having that challenge really working on it is a pleasurable thing to do and it makes you feel really good about the fact that you have a project that you are working on and then eventually of course when you achieve your goal that is very satisfying also a good resource if you want to think more about this idea is a book by Chris Guillebeau who is one of my favorite authors it’s called the happiness of pursuit and it’s all about just that about how working on something having something that you are working towards or a goal that you are pursuing is something that really brings us happiness as humans.


  1. Spend Your Resources on Experiences, not Material Things

Being happier is to spend your money, your time and other resources on meaningful experiences and perhaps on working towards your goals rather material possessions while it can certainly be fun to get things that you really enjoy and maybe sometimes you find things that are meaningful to you and that you will really enjoy having most of the time it’s better to spend your money on some sort of meaningful experience with your friends or with your family or trip you really want to take or starting a project that you really want to get into most of the times those things bring us more happiness than buying of material possession that is just going to start gathering dust.


  1. Learn New Things and Challenge Yourself

The Tenth thing that you can do to be happier is to learn new things and challenge yourself, if we are stagnant as humans and we are not growing and changing and getting better then we won’t feel positive and we won’t feel like we are moving forward in life and becoming better but if we take the time on a regular basis to learn new things and to set goals for ourselves goals that challenge us then we will continue to grow and become better and that is a really motivating encouraging thing to do for ourselves, of course, reading books is a great way to do this you might also consider watching TED talks on YouTube and of course you can always learn by doing taking classes can be a very fun enjoyable thing to spend your time on.


  1. Smile More

Tip number 11 is to smile more even if you don’t feel like it smile more and while it might sound like this is just putting a happy face on something even if you feel sad or even if you feel down and like it’s just covering up a problem smiling more actually changes your physiology what I mean by that is when you smile it actually tenses up different muscles in your face of course and when you do that it causes your body to release different hormones that can help you feel happier specifically your body reduces endorphins which are associated with pain relief both physical pain relief and emotional pain relief and also serotonin which is associated with feeling of happiness so if you are feeling a little bit down or maybe a little bit stressed out or tense forcing yourself to smile through it just putting a big grin on your face and feeling what that feels like actually can help to physically lift your mood.


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